Michela Fasanella - Designer

I started drawing fashion sketches as a little girl.

Back then, pink was my favorite color and classic ballet dancers were my muses. In my teenage years, I only wore black and I loved New wave music and 90's minimalism.

I think both concepts, though opposite, are quite visible in my work!

After studying at Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome and St Martins College in London, I moved my first steps as an intern at Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino, where I learnt the most amazing things about design and manufacture.

After several collaborations, I developed a capsule collection of just 5 unique pieces with a local tailor. The pieces created interest and were sold quickly so I started making more, and I never stopped. 

I chose the name Aroma30 as it reminds me the idea of a perfume in a developing stage, when it doesn't have a proper name yet. It shows the way I see the brand: as a process of constant evolution, where I experiment new and traditional techniques while creating meaningful connections with customers and artisans. 

"A Roma"  also means "in Rome" in Italian, and it's a tribute to the city I've born and I live in.

It's an independent, small brand, where I work with the help of local tailors in making wearable designs according to the values that I share with my clients: sustainable solutions, fair working conditions, an artisanal tailoring service for an affordable price, and a timeless style.